We are happy to announce that this project is obsolete as Trolltech has decided to include an SQLite driver in the latest Qt 3.3 release.

The old webpage is still available below...


A Qt Database Driver Plugin


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Project Description

QSQLite will be a Qt database driver for the SQLite Database. Using this driver all Qt applications can easily access the SQLite database through Qt's common SQL interface. QSQLite was started by Andreas Scherf and Dominik Seichter and will be used in their projects KRunning and KBarcode.
There is a need for this driver, because many projects need a SQL database, but only a few users want to run a big database like MySQL or PostgreSQL. As a result a small file based database like SQLite are needed.

From the SQLite project description:

SQLite is a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine. Programs that link with the SQLite library can have SQL database access without running a separate RDBMS process. The distribution comes with a standalone command-line access program (sqlite) that can be used to administer an SQLite database and which serves as an example of how to use the SQLite library.

SQLite is not a client library used to connect to a big database server. SQLite is the server. The SQLite library reads and writes directly to and from the database files on disk.


QSQLite is avaible under the terms of the LGPL.


There are no downloads avaible yet. You can get the latest version from CVS


For bug reports, questions and anything else, please join our mailing list qsqlite-users@lists.sourceforge.net. Suscribe and browse archives through the mailman interface.

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